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The Main Event

The Celebration

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The Fireworks Show

The day would not be complete without Fireworks, and Lopez is well known in the Northwest for its outstanding fireworks display. The Fireworks Crew’s Volunteers include a number of local residents with pyrotechnical licenses who carefully select and even make some of the unique displays.

The annual fireworks display is supported by donations and the sale of T-shirts and sweatshirts available at local businesses and now here securely online.

Our Show is scheduled to start promptly at 10:30 PM. There will be 15 theme categories; each theme will consist of many different sizes of individual display shells. Don’t miss the Grand Finale!!

  • One salute 15 minutes prior to start
  • Two salutes 10 minutes prior to start
  • Three salutes 5 minutes prior to start
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Bayshore Road Closures

For those on the peninsula after Bayshore Road crosses the spit road, up until 9:00pm on July 4th, there will be a pilot car once an hour leading cars to the Peninsula and back. No bikes, no walking on the road or on the beach (both sides of the road) all day until after the show is over and fire inspection is complete. Length of inspection depends on what they find.